Viognier is a white wine grape variety.
The origin of the Viognier grape is unknown; it is presumed to be an ancient grape, possibly originating in Dalmatia (present day Croatia) and then brought to the Rhône by the Romans.

It is the only permitted grape for the French wine Condrieu in the Northern Rhône Valley.
Since the late 80es,  it can also be found in the Ardèche region, the Languedoc, the Southern Rhône Valley.

The potential quality of Viognier is highly dependent on viticultural practices and climate, with the grape requiring a long, warm growing season in order to fully ripen but not a climate that is so hot that the grape develops high levels of sugars and potential alcohol before its aromatic notes can develop.
In Suzette, the Mistral and the altitude have a distinct effect on the Viognier vineyards. The wind tempers the Mediterranean climate of the region, and cools the vines down after the severe heat of summer.


viognier dentelles de montmirail

Viogniers du domaine saint amant

The Viognier varietal has more natural aromatics that include notes of peach, pears, violets and minerality.

The grape is naturally a low yielding variety.

The highly aromatic and fruit forward nature of the grape allows Viognier to pair well with spicy foods, lobster, sea food.

recette homard grillé

Grilled lobster and green tomato chutney in exotic fruit sauce




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