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In the heart of the breathtaking Dentelles de Montmirail (Southern Rhône Valley) high up at 1800′, Domaine Saint Amant enjoys a unique terroir : 32 acres of small terraces scattered around the mountain, on a Triassic limestone and clay, rocky soil, away from the diseases and the heat of the plain.

Grape cultivation is done within respect of the very biodiverse environment : no herbicides, no pesticides.
The vines are planted, pruned, tied up and harvested by hand.
The vinifications and ageing are long and natural, they take place in small containers, and therfore are better controlled.
The wines reflect what nature is willing to give.

The cellar built in 1995 is underground and air-conditioned.

The Jacques Wallut family, owner and winemaker, produces 
50 000 bottles a year, 1/3 of it under the appellation
Red Beaumes de Venise.

To know us better, the best thing to do is to come and visit us!


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