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Art and Wine


Domaine Saint Amant is welcoming you to join its “Wanderings” around sculpture, including a private collection, exhibitions in the winery and workshops.

Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm, weekends by appointment.

Exceptional opening during the open house weekend of the domain, from Friday July 2nd to Sunday July 4th:

Fri. 17h – 21h / Sat 11h – 18h / Sun 11h – 17h


From June 15th to July 15th

  • “A stroll in the woods”: visit of Jacques Wallut’s private collection of contemporary sculptures in the garden of his property (near the Domaine Saint Amant).
  • “Under the spell of Omar Khayyam”: an exhibition of sculptor Raphael Mognetti’s work in the cellar.

From July 3rd to July 15th

  • “Around the barrels”: exhibition of sculptures by Pauline Baste Morand in the barrel cellar
  • Outdoor workshop organised by Pauline Baste Morand at the Domaine: shaping wire into a face. Book your place now!


Jacques Wallut’s private collection

A lover of beautiful things, Jacques Wallut has been collecting outdoor sculptures (in wood, bronze, steel, stone or glass) since 1985, which he acquires from their creators.
If his guiding principle is “love at first sight”, he insists that each artist comes to the property that he imagined and built with his wife on the slopes of Mount Saint Amant in Suzette, to choose the location of their work.
Since 2018, Jacques Wallut has also started to create sculptures.

For more information, please contact us:

T. 04 90 62 99 25
Email :